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Pageant Gals

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We have modified the bi-annual Pageant Gals contest to now reflect the America's SUPER Pageant's mission of Seat Belt Safety.   All entries will be FREE.

Please use the entry form below, if you have issues with completing the online form, please email us at at

  • Deadline to enter December 15th.

    • Winners will be selected through public voting until December 24th - DEADLINE EXTENDED to January 8th.

    • The entries with the most votes will receive a crown & sash (pending total number of entries).

    • Announcement  of top placing entries will be made later in January. 

  • Proceeds will be used to be used to promote Seat Belt Safety, Child Passenger Safety and to fund the Dan Stockwell Memorial Cash Prize at the 2023 America's SUPER Pageant.


Enter the Pageant Gals US contest!
If you do not have an image link, email your jpg format photo to

Kevi Berger

Mrs. Pageant Gal International 2021-2022

Seatbelts save lives!  I should know as I am a six time car crash survivor.  I have not caused even one accident yet six times my seatbelt has save me.  Please buckle up, every trip - every time.


DaYanna Long-Cunningham

Tiny Miss

Pageant Gal


I always use my Child Passenger Safety Seat because...

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DaYanna Seatbelt image.jpg
DaYanna Seatbelt image_edited.jpg

Brittany Kover

Mrs. Pageant Gal

Montana Woman

Seats belts are important because whether you are in a small fender bender or a full car accident it will protect and those you love. I wear my seat belt to set a good example for my kids.

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Michelle Heston

Mrs. Pageant Gal Iowa Elite

Why are seat belts are important to me? Easy answer, They Save Lives!!! The point is, there's nothing more important then that!

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Shawna Chapman

Mrs. Pageant Gal Virginia

Seat belts truly save lives. I'm living proof of this. A simple moment to click it can save your life. Be cool Buckle up!

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Ms. Pageant Gal Minnesota

When I was hit in a car accident the seatbelt saved my life. The car accident was so bad I remember having to crawl out the window. I was hit by a lady that had dementia. A seatbelt saved my life.

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Chloe Smith

PreTeen Miss Pageant Gal Colorado

I will always buckle up because I know it keeps me safe and others safe in the car. I have been in 2 car accidents an wearing my seatbelt made me feel safe. Others need to protect themselves in a car.

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Ariel Smith

Teen Miss Pageant Gal Colorado

Being in a car crash can be scary, I know I was scared but I was secure with my seatbelt. Speaking to others about the importance of safety is key. Please buckle up!

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ariel smith.jpeg
buckle photo.png
field Melanie.jpg

Melanie Cholka

Mrs. Pageant Gal Wisconsin Elite

Seatbelt Safety is important to me because my loved ones are Valuable and Special. Show that you too care about you and others, too. Buckle Up and Be Safe in the car, every time.

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Ava Pinnow

PreTeen Miss Pageant Gal Wisconsin

Everyone should wear seatbelts in any type of vehicles. Seat belts can save your life and the lives of others. Buckle up America, & be safe.

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Tina Stone
De Azanon

Mrs. Pageant Gal [state undetermined]

Seatbelts save lives!I know cause it save my life from another person causing the crash.

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Shawna Chapman

Mrs. Pageant Gal Virginia

Seat belts truly save lives. I'm living proof of this. A simple moment to click it can save your life. Be cool Buckle up!

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Winner to be announced Christmas Day!

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