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Videos of the America's SUPER Pageant    
June 21, 2014 - Mini Video
June, 2013 - Highlights
June, 2013 - Delegate Introductions
June, 2012 - Crowning
June, 2011 - Photo Video
Director in a Seat Belt PSA

"It was a true honor as well to finally meet Ms Janet Bierer and I can say that your fabulous and a wonderful ray of sunshine!! Thank you so much for all your hard work pageant weekend. I had a great time and tons of great memories as well and awesome pageant sisters!!!" Jessica Smith - America's SUPER Queen 2015 (Arizona)

"My daughter and I both ran in ASP. Our husbands, my son and friends all camped. They had a blast. My son went golfing! They went to a brewery and attended all the events that Janet Bierer had scheduled. It was a great time for all of us. It was an experience of a life time and I would encourage everyone to enter this pageant." Janine Henry - America's SUPER Classic 2013 (Oregon)

"Loved the town, people , and the pageant." Michelle Heston - Iowa's SUPER Mrs. 2012 & 2013

"Being a plus size woman over 30 its hard to find a pageant system that has a division for me. That is until I found ASP!!! 
 This system has an outstanding message of seatbelts save lives. I recently got into a wreck and before I did my sealtbelt wasn't working. I was VERY lucky that nothing happened to me, but I know that next time I won't be so lucky. Having said all that I would recommend America's Super Pageant to anyone that wants to try a system for the first time or someone who just wants to sharpen their skills." Erin Reyes

"Hamilton Montana was such a very nice place to be. We are think about bringing the family this year. My husband loved it."  Amanda Moser - Idaho's SUPER Queen 2014 & 2015

"Amazing platform - Amazing Director - Amazing opportunity to do great work!" Kevi Berger - Montana's SUPER Mrs. 2015

"I have fallen in Love with Montana. The first year, we combined the pageant and a vacation to Yellowstone. The second year, we used our down time to take a drive thru the beautiful country to a stunning waterfall. This year we are hoping to get to Glacier National Forest. The people in Hamilton are Welcoming and Genuine. We adore the Farmer's Market. The mountains in the distance just make you feel like an explorer. I have told my husband I need a retirement home there. That is How Much I Love Montana!" Laura Bradford - America's SUPER Mrs. 2014 (Texas)

"Great pageant...great people!" Tim Kretschmann 

"ABSOLUTELY love the America's Super Pageant and the platform Buckle Up! A few weeks ago my grandparents were in a BAD accident. They were going through an intersection. A driver had a red light and didn't stop. My grandma said that if she had not been buckled up she would have suffered serious injuries. Other then wanting to be in the drawing, I want a chance to promote the buckle up platform and be a Utah state titleholder. People should be informed that seat belts are for our safety and if not used properly who knows what could happen." Alysse Thompson

"I love this Platform it has so much meaning and connection with everyone internationally. Can't wait for the day I am able to travel and compete in this Pageant and make a bigger difference for such a great cause. Amazing." Arlene Frye

"I wish all the luck with your pageant this year!!! Your pageant just keeps getting bigger and the need for car safety is becoming such a huge issue now with texting ect!!! We made a 2 week family vacation out of it with our 2 kids. We saw Yellowstone which was of course beautiful. Montana has beautiful wildlife to be sure." Kim Gelao - America's SUPER Mrs. 2011 (Minnesota)

"Was a wonderful experience. Enjoyed meeting great forever friends!" Tricia Doughty - Northwest's SUPER Mrs. 2014

"I love the Bitterroot Valley. Breath taking views and the nicest people" Salinas Callison - America's SUPER Ms. 2014 (Montana)

"Ohhh my hubby is counting down the days till our road trip up again - he's definitely going fly fishing again! We're from Florida and got to experience some majestic and incredible things on our trip that only exist in Montana! The Farmer's Market was AWESOME! Loved meeting everyone, getting made in Montana souvenirs. Fun!!!!" Ani Hudgens - Int'l SUPER Mrs. 2014 (Florida)

" I loved the small town feel with the beautiful mountains around it. The weather was perfect and the farmers market was so cute!" Bethany Farace - America's SUPER Queen 2014 (Virginia)

"This is the best Pageant you will ever attend, It's a family not really a competition. Memories that will last a life time". Debra Lynn Marquis - America's SUPER Classic 2014 
October 4th, 2015 - Partial Webcast
​July 31, 2016 America's SUPER Pageant
This presentation is being recorded by Missoula Community Access Television as part of a Media Assistance Grant donated to my organization by MCAT
​Sept 8, 2019 America's SUPER Pageant 
Full show thanks to 
Missoula Community Access Television