Contact the America's SUPER Pageant at 
PO Box 2114  Hamilton, MT 59840     (406)360-8777

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Age Divisions
  • PreTeen/Jr. Miss 8-13 
  • Teen 14-17 years
  • Miss 18-25 years
  • Ms. (Single/Divorced 26+) 
  • Mrs. (All ages/Married)
  • Classic 50+ years 
  • Queen (Plus Size)
​Interview (1 - 20 points)
Delegate Interviews will be conducted on a panel basis. Each Delegate will spend 5 minutes with the judges. Judges will ask questions based primarily upon your Biographical submission, but may include platform, opinion or current event questions. Pant suit or suit dress attire recommended. Judging criteria includes; Personality, Appearance, Conversation Skills and platform knowledge. 

Photogenic (1 - 20 points) 
Each Delegate must submit one photo for judging. Photo may be color or B/W, and should be no larger than 8x10. Submission must be of good quality. No photocopies will be accepted. Copyright release must accompany photos if required by photographer. Photos may be full length, or Headshots, and taken in the past 3 years. Photos must be submitted by the entry deadline, or 5 points will be deducted each day tardy.  

​Introduction (1 - 20 points)
The Parade of Beauties (no dancing) will include Delegates wearing a cocktail dress of their choice (any color). Delegates may speak 30-60 seconds to promote themselves & their platforms. Attire should reflect the Delegates personal sense of style. Creative accessories, colored sequins or shoes are welcome. Floor length gowns or casual attire are NOT allowed. Judging criteria: Personal Introduction and Personality. 

Fun Fashion (1 - 20 points)
Delegate will select the Fashion attire of their choice to show off their personality. Attire may be of-the-rack or custom, but may not be a floor length gown. This category is replacing our previous Athletic Attire or Swimwear category. Judging criteria: Poise, grace, personality and style. 

Evening Gown (1 - 20 points)
Delegates will model an evening gown of their choice. Gowns should be full length for Teens and Adults. PreTeen may wear gowns suitable for age/maturity. Gowns may be simple or very elaborate, but will not be judged based on monetary value. Judging criteria : Modeling, beauty, grace, poise, and overall elegance. 
The America's Super Pageant is a beauty, modeling and personality based competition. Delegates are selected to represent each state, or regions within states. If there is a State pageant in your area, you must compete at state before advancing to the International event. At-Large titles will be awarded upon payment of delegates entry fee. If your US state title is not available, you may select a regional title representing your area (ex. Western Montana's SUPER Miss", or "West Coast's SUPER Mrs. ").
​Bonus Points
Up to 20 Bonus Points may be awarded and added to the delegates overall score for qualifying appearances. Appearances made with the specific purpose of promoting the pageants platform of Seat Belt Use, or other Hwy Safety topics, will earn 1 bonus point each. Delegates may promote their own personal platforms, but those appearances will not count toward the Bonus Points. 
DOCUMENTATION must be provided (Example: photographs of delegate actively participating in the event, signed letters from other participants, etc.). Posed photos of delegate standing next to a sign, or table, etc., will not be considered as “documentation” unless the delegate is shown “actively involved” with another participant at an event. 
An "Appearance" is defined as a public event or meeting in which the delegate was invited to participate, and has duties as an approved volunteer. Duties may include Public Speaking, Greeting Guests, Demonstrating an activity, or distributing Safety Materials, etc. 
Showing up in crown and sash without invitation is not an appearance. Emails will be accepted as proof of "invitation" only when included with photographs.   
Actively involved means the delegate must be shown volunteering or performing an act of community service. Posed photos with unidentified persons will not be considered. Documentation must be submitted in hard copy form - Only appearances submitted by Orientation will be considered. 
There will also be a $500 CASH PRIZE for the delegate with the greatest number of appearances (over 20) made with the specific purpose of promoting the pageants platform of promoting Seat Belt Safety! (NOTE: NO EXCEPTIONS - Appearances must be well documented as described above, and supporting documentation must be provided by beginning of rehearsals). This award is delivered upon the completion of their reign. 

Is there a fee to compete? Yes. The entry fee is $295. This fee covers the cost of running the pageant, production costs for your state/regional crown & sash, and includes your roster photo in the program. 

Do Delegates receive a crown and banner? Each Delegate will receive the Official America's Super Pageant 10th Anniversary tiara & sash upon receipt of her completed entry fee, completed pageant application and signed “Rules & Regulations”. Delegates are welcomed to make appearances, and submit photos in crown/banner for Photogenic Judging or the Program Book. Delegates are instructed to wear their crown & sash at all times, unless specified, at the national event.  

Is hotel/lodging included? No. All activities will be based out of Red' Studio at 205 West Main Street Suite B in Hamilton, MT. 
Our favorite Hotel is the Bitterroot River Inn at 139 Bitterroot Plaza Drive 406-375-2525, and we also recommend the Quality Inn at 113 N first Street. 406-363-6600. No events will occur at a "Host Hotel" this year, so you may stay where you choose. 

When do delegates receive their crown & sash? A minimum deposit of $100 must be made to order. Crowns & sashes will not be shipped until full entry fee is paid. There may be a delay of approximately 4 weeks due to production time and shipping. Payments accepted through Paypal or Square ,by phone with a bank card, or with check or Money Order. Checks should be made out to RED's Studio PO Box 2114 Hamilton, MT 59840. Refunds will not be given for any reason. If a delegate cannot compete, all payments are non-refundable and not transferable. 

How many titles will be awarded? One each in the America’s SUPER age divisions; PreTeen 8-13 yrs, Teen 14-17yrs, Miss 18-25 yrs, Ms. (Single/Divorced), Mrs., Classic (50 yrs and up), Classic & Queen (Plus sized), one overall winner, the Int‘l SUPER Ms./Mrs. and the new title for 2019; the Hero of the America's SUPER Pageant. Divisions with low entry numbers may be combined. 

Can past titleholders compete? Yes, national winners may re-compete for the Int'l title as a "Hero" delegate, OR, they may re-compete when they become eligible for another division. (Ex: America's SUPER Miss, can compete for the America's SUPER Ms. title after she turns 26 years of age, OR America's SUPER Classic may return and compete if she qualifies as a Mrs or Ms.). Overall, Int'l SUPER Ms. titleholders, can re-compete for the Hero of the America's SUPER Pageant title. 
All past titleholders in good standing are considered "lifetime queens" and are welcome to return wearing their regalia, on any subsequent year to participate in crowning new titleholders. 

Are Delegates required to bring a gift? Delegates are asked to bring a gift for each of the other delegates. Please keep the value minimal. Sponsored gifts are welcome.  

What Airport should I fly into? Delegates are advised to fly into Missoula International Airport (MSO). Car rental is suggested and available at the Delegates expense. Ride-shares may be requested/offered in our private alumni Facebook page.

Will Photo & Video packages be available? We are currently working with Whitney Sarah Photography to provide a full photo dvd package to all contestants at no additional cost.  
Our Video is $50, and can be ordered from the pageant office. Delegates and their families will be permitted to take photos and video during events leading up to the on-stage pageant competition event. Cameras or video equipment will NOT be allowed during any on-stage competition events. Individuals who fail to comply with this rule will be asked to leave the venue without benefit of refund. Please be prepared for Video recording & Photography throughout each day - Delegates are encouraged to dress professionally at all times. 

Is there a Program Book Ad Sales requirement? Yes. Each delegate will have her Roster Photo, Name & Title listed in the program at no charge. As part of her completed entry, all delegates must sell at least 2 pages in our program book. Prices are; Black & White ($100 each) or Color ($200 each). Ad pages measure 4.5" x 7" in jpg format. 

Will there be any additional awards? Yes. Side awards will not be announced until after all scores have been tabulated, and may be awarded in the following categories... 
• Congeniality will be selected by her peers (may include cash prize)
• Fun Fashion 
• Formal wear 
• Interview
• Photogenic 
• Personality will be selected based upon Introduction scores during Platform Statements. 
• Pageantry Spirit Award will be selected by the pageant staff, and may include contestants, staff and/or volunteers. 
• Ad Page Spokesmodel
• Recruiter award ($100 cash per complete referral)
• Dan Stockwell Memorial Cash prize will be awarded at the end of the delegates reign, to the delegate in good standing, who submits the most Seat Belt related appearances prior to pageant week (documentation must be included for each appearance). 


America's SUPER State/Regional Delegate AWARDS
ALL Delegates receive: 
Our official 10th Anniversary Tiara
A beautiful full wrap satin Sash 
Program Book 
Rhinestone Sash Pin  
Unlimited entry for family, friends and sponsors to attend the America's SUPER Pageant finals
Complimentary issue of Pageantry magazine
"Buckle Up" Support Ribbon
​Pageant Coaching for nationals provided by Laura Bradford

ALL delegates are eligible for the Seat Belt Platform Promotion $500 Cash Prize 
(One winner will be selected based upon her promotion of the pageant platform, regardless of overall scores)

Int'l & America's SUPER Pageant NATIONAL PRIZES 
Official Aurora Borealis or Ruby-red crown
Official full wrap satin Sash 
Title, one years reign and appearance opportunities 
Rhinestone scepter
Glitter "title" T-shirt 
1 year subscription to Pageantry Magazine
Complimentary Tickets for family members for 2022 pageant
2022 DVD and Photo package when crowning new queens 

Hero of Int'l Super Pageant Prizes
Official Sapphire-blue National Crown
Official full wrap satin Sash 
Title, Lifetime reign and appearance opportunities 
Glitter title T-shirt 
Rhinestone "Crown" cuff bracelet 
Title Jean Jacket from SuperSisters, LLC and Janine Henry
Complimentary Tickets for family members for 2022 pageant
2023 DVD and Photo package when crowning new queen 

(More prizes may be added. All prizes subject to delivery by sponsors)

2022 (TENTATIVE) Pageant Weekend Schedule

Please be prepared for Video recording & Photography throughout each day.
 Delegates are encouraged to dress professionally at all times. 

Friday Evening - Optional Evening Event 
Meet and Greet (dutch pay) dinner
6- 8pm at Bouilla
111 South Third Street, Hamilton MT, 59840
Note:  Pre-order of meals due to Kevi by May 17, 2022 

Saturday - Required Activities 
8:30 - 9:30 am - Coffee Hour  
Turn in bonus points 
Sash and Crown required

9:30 - 11 am  - Farmers Market and Bingo Scavenger Hunt 
Please dress warm as it may be chilly
 Sash and Crown required

11:00 am - Noon - Lunch on your own 

Noon - 3:00 pm - Rehearsals at Grooves 
Sash and Crown required

3:00 – 5:30 pm – rest and get ready for Tea Time 

6:00 – 8:00 pm – Tea Party & Gift Exchange
Sash only required
Cocktail or "tea time" outfit (no trains please) for Tea Party 
with a hat or fascinator of your choice
Finger sandwiches, side salad, cookies and tea provided

Sunday – Required Activities 
9:00 am to Noon – Rehearsal  
Casual wear with sash only

Noon – 2pm – Lunch on your own and prepare for interview

2pm – Complete – Interviews 
Outfit of choice - business/professional attire

Judges Break 

6:00 pm – Arrive at Venue / Doors open to the Public

7:00 pm – Show begins 

8:30/9:00 pm – Show ends and winner photo shoot 

Areas of competition include: 
  * Photogenic, 
  * Interview, 
  * 30-60 second Platform Statement, 
  * Fun Fashion
  * Evening Gown. 
Each area of competition is weighted 1-20 points.
I agree to the contract below  

1. I am in good health and am physically able to discharge the professional responsibilities of an America's Super Pageant titleholder. 
2. I have not committed and will not commit any act inconsistent with high standards of public morals or any act which will reflect unfavorably on the pageant during my reign.  
3. I am of good moral character and will conduct myself in a courteous and professional manner at all times during my reign with the Int’l/America's Super Pageant, and while representing a Super Pageant title or RED's Studio.  
4. I will not consume alcoholic beverages, smoke tobacco or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs (including prescription drugs not prescribed by your physician) while wearing my crown or sash or while representing my title.  
5. I will not slander other contestants, judges, sponsors, pageant staff or anyone else involved with or connected to the America's Super Pageant. Defamatory verbal and/or written remarks against America's Super Pageant or its delegates, will result in immediate disqualification and forfeiture of any and all gifts, prizes, and fees paid. 
6. Good sportsmanship is expected at all times. Disruptive behavior before, during, or after the pageant may result in disqualification and removal from the premises. If delegate is disqualified, stripped of title, or relinquishes, for any reason, any title, prizes & gifts awarded to her, must be returned in full, or delegate will be charged reasonable replacement costs.  
7. If selected as a national/Int’l Super Pageant titleholder, Delegate agrees to arrange and make a minimum of 10 appearances (one per month) throughout Delegates reign. All appearances must be documented in hard copy form, and submitted to the national office within 30 days of occurrence. Appearances may include but are not limited to parades; radio, internet, television and newspaper interviews; and public appearances at events. If all appearances are made, and documented on time, the pageant will provide lodging (shared with another queen) when returning to crown your successor.  
8. America's Super Pageant titleholders agree to provide America's Super Pageant with hard copies of all articles and/or photos pertaining to her reign. National/Int’l titleholders cannot represent, or promote, any other pageant during their reign.  
9. By virtue of participation in the America's Super Pageant competition, Delegate agrees to allow America's Super Pageant/RED's Studio the right to use her name, likeness, voice and/or biographical information for purposes of publicity and promotion now and in the future. Delegate agrees to waive any and all compensation for use of her name, likeness, voice, and /or biographical information for purposes of publicity and promotion.  
10. Delegate agrees to release America's Super Pageant/RED's Studio from liability for any injury resulting from participation, participation, publicity and promotion.  
11. Delegate attests that all information submitted to America's Super Pageant is true and accurate. Falsification of information and failure to comply with the policies of America's Super Pageant may result in immediate disqualification and/or forfeiture of prizes & regalia without benefit of refund in full or in part at the sole discretion of pageant staff.  
12. Delegates may not intentionally engage the judges in conversation prior to, or during the competition. Judges may be on site, but private conversations are prohibited. 
13. Delegate agrees to supply her own competition & personal wardrobes, travel, lodging and meals.   
14. Delegates who are under 18 years of age as of the pageant date must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times.  
15. Delegates agree that the decisions of the judges, and pageant staff, will be final.  
16. Contestant understands that while she may withdraw from the competition at any time, under no circumstances, nor for any reason, will contestant be entitled to a refund. All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.  
17 If any litigation is instituted, the venue of any action must be in the County of Ravalli, State of Montana.   
18. I understand that while I am under contract with the America’s SUPER Pageant, and for one year after, I am prohibited from starting my own pageant system, directing another system or recruiting for any other pageant system without prior written consent from the America’s SUPER Pageant.  
19. I understand that I am expected to return to crown my successor, and will receive $100 travel/appearance fee for each contestant I recruit during my reign, if I return to crown my successor.  
20. I am qualified to represent my state or region due to residency, property, origin of birth, ownership, employment or military station. 
21. I agree to abide by the Rules, Regulations and Code of Conduct of the America's Super Pageant.  
22. I understand that failure to honor the platform of Seat Belt Safety is grounds for dismissal from the pageant and removal of my title and relinquishment of all prizes and regalia.
Date of Birth
T-Shirt Size
PreTeen 8-13 years $250
Teen 14-18 years $295
Miss 18-25 years $295
Ms. (Single/Divorced 26+) $295
Mrs. $295
Classic 50-99 years $295
Queen (plus sz/over 18yr) $295
Hero of ASP (all past winners) $200
Youth Large
Ladies Small
Ladies Medium
Ladies Large
Ladies XL
Ladies 2XL