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PO Box 2114  Hamilton, MT 59840
(406)360-8777 or  (406)360-8633

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Age Divisions
  • PreTeen 9-12years
  • Teen 13-17 years
  • Miss 18-25 years
  • Ms. (Single/Divorced 26+) 
  • Mrs. (18+ and Married)
  • Classic 50+ years 
  • Queen (Plus Size)
  • Hero (open to all past national & Int'l winners)
  • Queen of Queens (open to all returning queens)

Areas of competition include:
  • Photogenic
  • Interview - written bio & in person
  • Platform Statement
  • Fun Fashion
  • Formal Wear
                  (Each area of competition is weighted 1-20 points)

NEW "Optional" Areas of competition include:
  • Talent
  • Top Model
  • Pairs Modeling
  • State Costume
The America’s SUPER Pageant is personal development opportunity for women of all ages throughout the World. The delegates who represent our state, country and international titles have beauty, style, poise, intelligence, confidence, and a strong desire to improve the world around them by promoting a personal platform and/or the national Safety Belt Use & Awareness Platform. The pageant gives these women the opportunity to advance their personal goals, while acting as a role model to those around them. 

Would you like to be one of our honored title holders? Would you like a pageant that holds quality events, with amazing regalia, representing a life saving purpose, all for an affordable entry fee? Would your family like to visit the beautiful & historic Bitterroot Valley in the heart of Montana, where the natural beauty of the mountains is close enough to touch, and fly-fishing is so grand that movies like "A River Runs Through it" were filmed here? 

Are you a Super Hero in the lives of others? Are you a Super Mom, daughter, volunteer, role model, or friend? This pageant is for Super women, who leave their mark on the lives around them! 

The America's Super Teen, Miss/ Ms./Mrs. competition is co-directed by Kevi Berger (a 6-time car crash survivor), and Janet Bierer, and is being held in memory of Janet's daughter, Allanya DaRay Thorning, who lost her life on July 18, 2010. Our custom banner is emblazed with the "Buckle Up" message to promote the platform of Seat Belt Use & Awareness. We believe that if we change one life, we may also save that life. Delegates may have their own platforms, but agree to promote Seat belt use also. Ms. Bierer has been directing pageants since 1990 on the local, state and national level from MAO preliminaries, to online events.

America’s SUPER Ms. Delegates do not need to have a personal platform, but agree to promote the national platform of Seat Belt Use and Awareness on their Comp/Autograph cards and banner with the “Buckle Up” message.  

2023 Pageant date - June 9-11 
Missoula Community Theater, 200 N Adams St, Missoula, MT 59802
Deadline for entries May 20, 2023!
The America's Super Pageant is a beauty, modeling and personality based competition. Delegates are selected to represent each state, or regions within states. If there is a State pageant in your area, you must compete at state before advancing to the International event. 

At-Large titles will be awarded upon payment of delegates entry fee. If your US state title is not available, you may select a regional title representing your area (ex. Western Montana's SUPER Miss, or West Coast's SUPER Mrs.).